Vision & Mission

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Welcome to EDUC European Digital UniverCity Alliance

About Us

At EDUC European Digital UniverCity Alliance, we are driven by a shared commitment to a brighter future through collaborative education. Our journey is guided by the EDUC Charter of Common Values and Good Collaboration, which embodies the principles steering our actions over the next decade. This charter serves as our compass, ensuring all partner institutions are aligned to achieve common goals.

Our Vision

We envision a future where systemic and structural changes transform our institutions into beacons of inclusivity, equity, and sustainability. EDUC Alliance is committed to fostering diversity and embracing the uniqueness of our partner institutions. We remain open to new opportunities, ready to adapt and thrive in a dynamic educational landscape.

Inclusivity at the Core

Inclusion and gender equality are not just words for us but integral to our mission. Each member institution has robust gender equality and inclusion plans to drive change from within. We recognize the importance of critically examining our practices and rhetoric to ensure they welcome, rather than exclude, under-represented and disadvantaged groups. We aim to create a space where positive encounters flourish.

The Charter in Action

  1. Basic Values and Principles: We are committed to values such as diversity, inclusion, equity, and sustainability.
  2. Composition and Functional Description: Our governing boards and individual roles are clearly defined.
  3. Decision-Making Procedures: Transparent processes guide our decision-making.
  4. Communication and Data Management: We prioritize efficient communication and secure data storage.
  5. Meeting Management: We conduct meetings in harmony with our environmental sustainability goals.
  6. Charter Revision and Conflict Management: We have established charter updates and resolution procedures.