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Empowering Youth: Building Responsible European Citizens

The EDUC Youth Integration Lab is dedicated to empowering adolescents and young adults, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, to become active and responsible European citizens. We aim to raise awareness of their rights, provide democratic participation training, and combat discrimination based on age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or economic background.

Collaborating with civil society actors, academics, students, and local associations, we create a platform for young people to be heard and take action against discrimination in various contexts, such as education, work, neighborhoods, and social media.

A Diverse Educational Landscape

Our alliance is built on diversity. With partner universities in urban areas of varying sizes and compositions, we cater to a wide spectrum of learners, including lifelong, part-time, and non-traditional students. Our goal is to be inclusive, offering a multitude of qualifications and opportunities.

Societal Outreach: Strengthening European Values

The EDUC Societal Outreach Action Plan seeks to strengthen European values of inclusion, diversity, and equality. We collaborate with society to solve real-world problems, integrate teaching and research with citizen involvement, and facilitate knowledge transfer between universities, businesses, and civic, social, and cultural institutions. Our initiatives also aim to enhance science communication and citizen science.

Join the Friends of EDUC Network

EDUC is an open and diverse campus that welcomes all who share our passion. The Friends of EDUC Network invites individuals and organizations to actively participate in shaping our alliance. Whether you're a student, scholar, business, or institution, you can engage in extended networking, support students transferring between partner universities, participate in various activities, and provide financial support.

Equal Opportunities and Diversity

We are committed to promoting equal opportunities and diversity. Our newly established Advisory Board for Equal Opportunities, Inclusion, and Diversity supervises our activities and provides advice and recommendations to ensure the implementation and evaluation of our objectives.

01/02/2024 - 01/02/2024
Le Diapason in Rennes, France
EDUCation meets Research: The EDUC European University adventure
  • Date: 1 February 2024
  • Time: 18:30 - 21:00
  • Location: Le Diapason in Rennes, France
  • Access: Public, for registered guests


EDUCation meets Research: The EDUC European University adventure

With “EDUCation meets Research: The EDUC European University adventure”, we introduce you to the captivating world of research, in the unique frame of a European University Alliance.

A researcher’s career is incredibly rich and diverse, yet often unknown. We aim to share insights of what being a researcher means, especially in the context of the internationalisation of universities and the stronger connection that is being built between education and research.

EDUC – the European Digital UniverCity, is an alliance of eight European universities, among which the University of Rennes. The EDUC alliance aims at creating a new era of education and research that extends beyond our borders and connects us with the world.

Through this alliance, the University of Rennes creates a dynamic space for learning, imparting knowledge, and collaborative work. The alliance brings together not only students and researchers but also administrative staff, offering new education and career opportunities for its members.

Are you ready to embark on a journey that unveils exciting educational opportunities and introduces you to the diverse paths of a researcher’s career? We invite you to join us for a dynamic evening at “EDUCation meets Research: The EDUC European University adventure”.



Our stage event is a captivating journey into the world of research, offering insights into the diverse career paths of a researcher. From students taking their first steps toward becoming researchers to seasoned research professionals, we explore the intricacies of each stage. Discover the significance of internationalisation for PhD students, get an inside look at the innovative research platforms that fuel postdocs’ research, and uncover alternative career paths in academia. We’ll also shine a light on career opportunities outside academia, from entrepreneurship to knowledge transfer. Our stage event is a celebration of research, learning, and the boundless opportunities that await.


EDUC offers new forms of international mobility, European collaboration and linguistic

tandems. And more! Step into the world of the EDUC alliance and explore a wealth of opportunities tailored for different audiences – students, doctoral students, researchers, teachers and administrative staff. Our goal is to inform and engage with you, encouraging you to join the alliance and seize the countless opportunities it offers.

The Event in a Nutshell

  • Inspiring Future Researchers: This event is designed especially for you! We’re here to show you that research is not just for scientists in white lab coats. It’s a thrilling adventure of exploration and innovation that you can be a part of.
  • Building Bridges Across Europe: We’ll introduce you to experts and visionaries from partner universities, making Europe more accessible and relatable. Discover the wealth of educational opportunities beyond your doorstep.
  • Discover what a European Alliance can create: from education and research to collaboration and mobility, get onboard and experience your European Campus.

You should attend if you are interested in ….

  • … research! What is a researcher? How does a researcher conduct research? How do you become a researcher? What are the different career opportunities of a researcher?
  • … leading an international education and career path! What choices of mobility do I have? How can I organise a mobility?
  • … pedagogical engineering! What are online and blended courses? How can I reach a wider audience? What collaborative tools are available for me?

If you ask yourself any of these questions, come and meet us!

“EDUCation meets Research” is designed for a diverse audience, including high school students, university students, and anyone with a keen interest in Europe. Whether you’re a young mind eager to explore the world of research, a current university student, or simply someone curious about the intersection of research and Europe, this event is tailor-made for you. Join us on this remarkable journey of discovery and learning.

This event is organised by EDUC-SHARE, the research and innovation part of EDUC. The project “EDUC-SHARE” received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101017526.


This event is open to the public, and all are welcome to join. However, to ensure a seamless experience, we kindly request that you register in advance. Registration is quick and easy, and it guarantees your spot at “EDUCation meets Research.” Please register by 15 January 2024 via the registration form.

Spread the word and gather your friends for “EDUCation meets Research!”

Access to the venue

Address : Le Diapason, 21 Allée Jules Noël, 35700 Rennes Metro: Line B, Beaulieu-Université station Bus: Lines C4 & C6 stop Les Préales / Line C5 stop Vitré Danton / Lines 10 & 14 stop Vitré Foulon Car: recommended access via Avenue du Pr. Charles Foulon. A large car park is accessible in front of the Diapason. For GPS, indicate Allée Jules Noel in Rennes

27/09/2023 - 27/09/2023
The EDUC Alliance is at the EAIE in Rotterdam

The 33rd Annual EAIE Conference and Exhibition has officially started in Rotterdam!


Visit us at Booth C14 as we take this opportunity to:

Enhance Visibility: EDUC Alliance is committed to advancing its presence in the European higher education landscape.

Exchange Insights: Join us for engaging conversations and the exchange of best practices with fellow colleagues and stakeholders.

Celebrate Achievements: We proudly showcase the milestones achieved during our four years of collaborative excellence.

Amplify Our Voice: EDUC European University Alliance represents a unique perspective that contributes to shaping the future of higher education.

We warmly invite all attendees to drop by our booth during the exhibition.

For more details about the EAIE Conference and Exhibition, please visit:

For additional info, please visit: