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The EDUC European University Alliance is about collaboration and learning from each other in every sphere. With EDUC, you can find the best practices in the alliance, share what you know you do well, and find new ways to embrace the challenges of this century together!


Fostering Excellence Through Staff Development

At the EDUC European University Alliance, we understand our dedicated staff's critical role in shaping our educational initiatives' success. We are committed to nurturing and empowering our team members, recognizing that our collective achievements are intricately tied to a collaborative approach to human resources management.

Our mission is to provide lifelong learning opportunities for the workforce of EDUC partner institutions while offering compelling pathways for the growth and career development of both experienced professionals and aspiring scholars.

Key Highlights:


  1. EDUC Staff Development Policy: This policy serves as the cornerstone of our shared human resources management principles. It outlines our commitment to fundamental values, including equal opportunities, gender balance, inclusivity, diversity, family-friendliness, work-life balance, fairness, and open access.
  2. Sustainable Growth: We recognize the importance of evaluating and prioritizing the challenges and opportunities associated with common HR recruitment, development, and assessment management. We are dedicated to ensuring our practices align with all relevant obligations.
  3. Building on Success: Drawing from our experiences and the effective framework developed during our pilot phase, the expanded EDUC alliance is eager to further enhance our connections with a wide range of stakeholders. Our commitment to dissemination achievements remains at the forefront as we deepen our engagement with partners and collaborators.

Everyone is the best person for something – and EDUC gives you a unique opportunity to share what you do and learn from others.

Share and learn online and offline – Thanks to EDUC’s networks you will be able to share mutually beneficial experiences, tools, and practices. 

Find out new ways and experiment – teachers, researchers with administrative staff will assess and compare their own processes and then agree on shared principles to design a common procedure. 


EDUC will form common standards within the alliance to ensure that the cooperation within the alliance is as smooth as possible for the staff and other participants. With EDUC’s common brain trust, you can start using the latest technology to enhance your workflow.

Digital workflow – Managers of student and staff mobility will be able to implement fully digital workflows for mobility administration into their work process. The Exchange of IT knowledge and best practices will be facilitated by EDUC’s platform among the eight European university members.

Online and physical local language courses will be shared and accessible on the EDUC portal between universities.

Learn the languages of the alliance – The local language training (French, Italian, German, Czech, Hungarian) contributes to facilitating the implementation of EDUC activities and the development of new cooperation beyond the project. It includes:

  • Existing online local language courses within the Alliance at different levels of language courses for staff coming from another country,
  • Physical local language courses and existing English courses,
  • Tandem system for staff learners: connect with another staff learner from another university and country to practice their own languages together. Regular exchanges will be facilitated on EDUC portal.

EDUC Staff Weeks

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EDUC organizes thematic staff weeks aimed at different groups of academic and non-academic staff across the eight universities.

The objective of our Staff Weeks is to create networks across the EDUC universities and learn from each other. These events are well designed to create opportunities for starting and strengthening collaborations as well as foster international experience and in this sense represents our institutions internationally.

Staff Weeks involves physical mobility to partner institutions, which is supported through Erasmus mobility grants for staff mobility.

We encourage all our staff to participate in suitable international Staff Weeks held by our partner universities.

Check out the actual EDUC Staff Week programmes HERE