EDUC Values & Goals

Launching a joint governance structures​

  • Establishing trans-institutional cooperation of administrative divisions​
  • Establishment of a common governance structure​
  • Interinstitutional meetings between the IOs, student affairs offices, and the management level


  • 48 collaborative virtual exchange formats with lecturers and students from at least 2 partner universities​
  • 18 online seminars on European topics and language courses​
  • 441 participants to the Critical Thinking Course with 15 also adding a research internship​

Infrastructure:  ​

  • Creation of a shared virtual campus with EDUC Moodle, EDUC Course Catalogue, EDUC Media Server, EDUC Portal, and privacy agreements​
  • Creating venues and workshops to spark the entrepreneurial spirit among students​

Research & Innovation: ​

  • Developing a strong research and innovation dimension and knowledge transfer between regional ecosystems and academia, including and building on learnings from EDUC-SHARE​
  • Definition of 7 core research topics; research seminars with 278 participants; joint publications; a complementing „second leg“ of the alliance, EDUC-SHARE​

Mobility: ​

  • 87 Gap Year mobilities​
  • 11 short-term intensive mobilities with over 320 students and 67 lecturers ​

Staff Development:​

  • E-tandems, 4 one-week English courses, Erasmus Staff Weeks​
  • Unfolding the transformative potential of the initiative​

Designing innovative educational formats​

  • Creating virtual mobility/virtual exchange educational formats ​
  • Generating online courses to strengthen the skills & competencies of students​
  • Implementing challenge-based innovative short-term and interdisciplinary long-term mobility formats for students 
  • Creating venues and workshops to spark the entrepreneurial spirit among students