EDUC Talents and Entrepreneurial Skills Days

EDUC Talents and Entrepreneurial Skills Days picture
27/05/2024 - 29/05/2024
University of Cagliari
The University of Cagliari is hosting the Talents and Entrepreneurial Skills Days (TESE Days) for a 3-day event from 27th to 29th May! The TESE Days are focusing on the development of skills and career-building, bringing together 28 PhD students from our European Alliance, supported by EDUC entrepreneurial experts.

This event highlights the importance of internationalisation and multicultural exchange, fostering a European perspective among participants. By gathering PhD students and experts from diverse cultural and academic backgrounds across Europe, the TESE Days create a vibrant environment for cross-border collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Workshops, followed by interviews with Italian companies during the Career Day, will enable PhD students to showcase their entrepreneurial mindset!

A great opportunity for EDUC PhD students to discover and enhance their talents to prepare themselves for their working life! This enriching experience will help them lay the foundation of their professional presentation and future career.