Masaryk University Language Centre Summer Schools

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08/07/2024 - 26/07/2024
Masaryk University, Brno
#MASARYK #EDUCSummerSchool
Masaryk University offers a range of summer schools designed to enhance various professional skills
Creativity in Teaching Summer School (

This program focuses on innovative teaching methods, helping educators integrate creative strategies into their classrooms to engage students more effectively.

Professional English Bootcamp Summer School (

Aimed at professionals, this intensive course enhances English language skills for the workplace, including business communication, presentations, and negotiation.

English for Academic Staff Summer School (

Tailored for university faculty, this course improves academic English proficiency, focusing on teaching, research, and publishing in English.

English-Mediated Instruction 2024 (

This program is designed for educators who teach in English, offering techniques and strategies to improve instruction and student comprehension in an English-speaking classroom. 


Each program provides targeted training to improve specific skills, making them valuable for educators and professionals seeking to advance their careers.


Application and payment deadline is 9 June, 2024