Climate Change Communication and Policy and Green City Summer School


Masaryk University had the opportunity to host two EDUC summer schools: Climate Change Communication and Policy, and Green City. Between the two courses, there were 10 students from Masaryk University, 7 from Paris Nanterre University, 5 from the University of Cagliari, 8 from the University of Pécs, 4 from the University of Rennes I, and 9 from the University Potsdam, representing 15 nationalities. 


The course Green City took place online throughout the semester, and spent the last week in Brno finalizing their presentations to the Brno City Municipality with recommendations to help the city become more green. During their week, they visited the Eco-village of Hostětín, Waste Management Plant, Nadace Partnerství - Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation, and Špitálka (a pilot smart district, in the beginning planning stages).


The course Climate Change Communication and Policy looked at how policies are created and communicated with the public. In their two-week course, they were able to visit and talk with different actors to discuss how governments enforce policies to combat climate change, learn to see the city through the lens of climate change, and prepare strategies for the city to better promote policies related to climate change.


Outside of the classroom, students were able to participate in a series of social and cultural activities with our summer schools such as wine tastings, city games to explore Brno, the 10-Z Bunker, UNESCO site Vila Tughenhat, a day trip to Vienna, and trips to Veveří Castle and the lake.