Cyber Security & Artificial Intelligence Seminar


Researchers and Ph.D. students are invited to apply for the Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence Seminar, especially if they are interested in the following key topics of the seminar:


(In)secure Implementations

  • Do you work on novel methods or tools with the potential to discover implementation bugs, side channels, or other issues? Are you working on tools assisting developers or relying on parties to deliver safer code or verify vendor claims independently?

AI and Security

  • What AI approaches seem promising in improving security in computer systems design, implementation, or maintenance? Do you have interesting results examining security issues in/for AI?

Post-Quantum Security

  • What methods seem to provide security guarantees with the growing power of quantum computers? Do you have some improvements for cryptographic schemes of the future?

Any other cyber security and AI topic

  • Share with us any other cybersecurity research or research with a clear potential impact on cybersecurity! Thinking out of the box is highly encouraged!


One of the main objectives is to encourage and strengthen cooperation in research. Applicants should be conducting research in the field of the seminar topic, be able to participate in the entire seminar, be prepared to present and discuss their work with peers from other universities participate in an active and constructive way in team discussions, willing to continue cooperation with colleagues after the seminar. There is no fee to attend this online seminar.


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