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EDUC-SHARE (European Digital UniverCity - Research and Innovation with and for Society) project - the research and innovation part of EDUC funded by the Horizon 2020 program - aims at introducing pilot tools to enhance multidisciplinary collaborative research, working on a long-term roadmap addressing key global challenges. Thanks to EDUC-SHARE, citizens, and youth specifically, have the chance to be engaged in science exploring ways to speed up technology transfer in diverse areas, spanning from ICT to social sciences and humanities, and nurture entrepreneurial mindsets among students and researchers.

Objective 1: To jointly develop pilot tools and methodologies to enhance multidisciplinary collaborative research, speed up technology transfer and promote sustainable career development in an Open-Science-oriented approach.

Objective 2: To share a long-term roadmap for addressing identified key global challenges that the EDUC alliance members will jointly tackle with a multidisciplinary approach.

Objective 3: To share a career development agenda in line with the HRS4R process with the aim of offering an open, inclusive, favourable work environment within the alliance with common policies in ethics, equality and parity.

The EDUC-SHARE newsletter delves into the innovative endeavours of the European Digital UniverCity. Through this newsletter, stakeholders gain access to comprehensive information about the project's objectives, progress, and outcomes. Specifically, it highlights the innovative pilot tools and methodologies developed to facilitate multidisciplinary collaborative research and accelerate technology transfer across various fields. Moreover, the newsletter underscores the long-term roadmap aimed at addressing global challenges through collaborative efforts within the EDUC Alliance.

By serving as a primary means of communication, the EDUC-SHARE newsletter plays a crucial role in engaging stakeholders, raising awareness, and facilitating collaboration within the European digital community.