EDUC-SHARE Project Wraps Up Successful Events in Rennes

EDUC-SHARE Project Wraps Up Successful Events in Rennes picture

Reflecting on Three Years of Achievements: EDUC-SHARE Project Wraps Up Successful Events in Rennes

Rennes recently hosted a series of events commemorating three years of dedicated work within the EDUC-SHARE project. From Wednesday, January 31, to Friday, February 2, 2024, participants engaged in insightful meetings, dynamic workshops, and celebratory gatherings, marking a significant milestone in the project's journey.


The week commenced with a warm and convivial welcome dinner, bringing together participants from various backgrounds who were engaged in EDUC and EDUC-SHARE activities. The welcome dinner on January 31, 2024, provided an opportunity for participants to connect and share experiences.

Over the course "Digital Sustainable UniverCity” Workshop" of a day and a half, participants delved into discussions and workshops exploring the digital sustainability of universities.

Next, the Vice President for Research meeting on February 1, 2024, provided a crucial platform for strategic discussions.

The joint gathering of the Steering Committee and Vice President for Research on February 1, 2024, followed and facilitated collaborative decision-making.

The EDUC-SHARE evening "EDUCation meets Research: The EDUC European University Adventure" on February 1, 2024, was a captivating journey into the world of research, offering insights into diverse career paths and showcasing the myriad opportunities within the EDUC alliance.

The EDUC-SHARE Restitution to the European Commission on February 2, 2024, was a pivotal session where the team presented their accomplishments and engaged in a meaningful exchange with the representative from the European Commission. The event also included a presentation on the topic of "Opportunities for European Universities in R&I beyond Swafs," offering valuable insights into the future trajectory of the project.

The successful events in Rennes underscored the collaborative spirit and dedication of the EDUC-SHARE team. As the project looks ahead, it does so with a sense of accomplishment, having fostered international collaboration, shared knowledge, and laid the groundwork for continued success in the realm of education and research.