EDUC Student Board for Enhanced Representation and Engagement

EDUC Student Board for Enhanced Representation and Engagement picture
The Student Board meetings on March 11-12, 2024, in Brno at Masaryk University have been buzzing with engaging discussions and collaborative problem-solving using the World Cafe method. In this informal cafe-style setting, the Student Board dived into various topics in small table groups, sharing insights, and reached key conclusions for its future.


One major focus has been on enhancing the role of student representatives. There is a consensus on the need for greater visibility of the Student Board, with plans to further target the student communities in the eight EDUC universities, to further enhance the participation of the 200.000+ body of EDUC students. The Board has discussed the establishment of issue-specific task forces for the strategic priorities of EDUC.

Organizational structure and elections have been discussed extensively as well. Suggestions include creating new positions such as Communication Officer and HR Manager to ease workload issues. Clearer roles and responsibilities, along with better communication channels, are seen as essential for the Board's efficiency.

Participation in task groups has been the third key point of discussion. There is a push for tasks to come to student representatives, reducing time constraints and improving involvement. Additionally, there are calls for better communication through organized task group reviews and a centralized calendar of all EDUC meetings to facilitate coordination within the Student Board.

The Brno Student Board meeting has thus reached resolutions for increased engagement, improved structures, and new communication channels to effectively represent and serve the student community of the partner universities within the Alliance.