EDUC Tea Session at the University of Pécs

#UniversityofPécs #TEA SESSION

DUC Tea Session in the EDUC Task Expert Meeting framework at the University of Pécs was held on 09/06/2023 in Pécs, Hungary. The goal of the meeting was to learn more about the EDUC Alliance as a whole and to be able to work together, creating synergies between the work packages and tasks. It was the first experimental event to bring together experts from the University of Pécs.



The experts work on the 27 tasks separately, but we plan a 3-4 monthly event for all those working on EDUC tasks to meet. At the same time, this gives the participants a complete overview and gives them a chance to recognize the common points of intersection of different topics, inspire them with new ideas, and work together to make the task solutions as up-to-date and striking as possible.