EDUC Tese Days in Cagliari: A Success for Education and Entrepreneurship

The 29th of May is the conclusion of the EDUC Tese Days, a significant event held in Cagliari that brought together doctoral students and experts from the eight partner universities of the EDUC (European Digital UniverCity) Alliance. Organized by the EDUC team at the University of Cagliari, led by the EDUC Project Manager, Daniela Ghiani, in collaboration with the Faculty of Law, Economics, and Political Science, the event provided a crucial platform for knowledge exchange and the development of entrepreneurial skills.


A Three-Day Event Dedicated to Professional Growth

The initiative saw active participation from doctoral students of the EDUC Alliance partner universities alongside experts in the field of entrepreneurship. Through workshops and lab sessions, students were guided in gaining greater awareness of their skills and how these can be applied in the job market.

The primary goal of the EDUC Tese Days was to equip participants with practical and theoretical tools to tackle the challenges of the contemporary job market. Experts shared experiences and advice on how to turn innovative ideas into tangible career opportunities.


Culmination at the Career Day Event

On May 29, the event culminated with participation in Career Day at the University of Cagliari. This day, entirely dedicated to the world of work, saw the participation of students and graduates from all UniCa study programs and hosted EDUC doctoral students.

During the Career Day, the doctoral students had the opportunity to present themselves to companies seeking new talents, exploring potential career paths, and creating useful connections for their future. Additionally, a significant event moment was the workshop conducted by the pedagogical engineer of EDUC for the University of Cagliari, Fabio Sorrentino, along with the Vice-Rector for Internationalization, Alessandra Carucci.


The Importance of European University Alliances

During the workshop, two doctoral students shared their experiences, highlighting the importance of alliances between European universities for research and training. The testimonies emphasized how international collaboration can enrich academic and professional paths, offering unique opportunities for growth and development.

In conclusion, the EDUC Tese Days in Cagliari proved successful, promoting international cooperation and providing young researchers with essential tools for their professional future. The event confirmed the EDUC Alliance's commitment to supporting high-quality education and innovation, preparing doctoral students to face the challenges of the job market competently.