"ESA is the place for you"

"ESA is the place for you" picture
Imagine this: a group of students, just like you and me, coming together from every corner of Europe, driven by a common goal – to shape the future. That's the magic of the European Students Assembly (ESA), an initiative full of international collaboration and interdisciplinary exchange. ESA is more than just an opportunity for connection, it's fostering the feeling of European unity and personal growth.


Participants emerge with a strengthened sense of belonging to the European community,

equipped with invaluable experiences for their professional and personal lives. It isn't just an event, it's an adventure that starts months before we even set foot in the European Parliament.  

I decided to apply as a coordinator for the European Students Assembly in order to empower fellow students to create new collaborations and foster their engagement both at the European level and within their local communities. Through my previous experiences and skills I wanted to encourage the panelists to embrace divergent perspectives during discussions and underscore the significance of individual voices in shaping the collective future.  

From January 2024 I coordinated the panel 10 “EU of tomorrow which focused on developing policies focused on ensuring safe and well-guided enlargement in the upcoming years. I lead a group of 20 motivated panelists through case-studies and meetings with experts to formulating 8 impactful policy recommendations focused on various aspects of the enlargement of the EU such as fostering economic cooperation between EU and candidate states, gradual EU accession, transition to qualified majority voting, or enhancing cultural exchange opportunities. The climax of ESA unfolded in Strasbourg from the 10th to the 12th of April, within the prestigious halls of the European Parliament. The event was marked by first in-person panel meetings, interesting inter-panel debates, and the invaluable exchange of ideas and strategies forged over months of preparation. Watching all of our recommendations get approved from the European Students Assembly was a moment I'll never forget – a reminder that when people come together, incredible things can happen.


ESA extends far beyond the event in Strasbourg.

Participants become part of a vibrant community of alumni committed to amplifying the voices of youth and enhancing this initiative year after year. And what I've told you so far? That's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all the opportunities ESA has to offer. 

No matter what you're studying or how much experience you have, and especially if it's pushing you out of your comfort zone – ESA is the place for you. 


Alicja Tuliszka
University of Potsdam