Green City and Refugee Integration: New blended courses


Brand new EDUC courses will allow you to take part both online (spring) and face-to-face (summer) and use the alliance to the max: learn new things, go abroad, and earn 5 credits.


Within the Green City course, you will learn to devise plans and policies that make cities go greener in the future, including lessons on transportation, waste management, environment, and healthcare. Visit Brno, Czech Republic, and, thanks to the cooperation with the Municipality of Brno, create real plans to shape the city’s future.


Travel to the charming Potsdam, a metropolis about 30 km from Berlin, Germany, and take part in the course Refugee Integration to delve deep into the topics of migration and refuge-seeking from both historical and contemporary perspectives.


The application deadline for both courses is 20 January 2022.


Details and Application for Green City

Details and Application for Refugee Integration


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