Networking in research and innovation process by H2020 program


In February 2021, the research and innovation part of EDUC funded by the Horizon 2020 EU program was launched. The initiative - EDUC-SHARE project - comes in line and in continuation with the Erasmus+ EDUC pilot with the ambition to turn the EDUC alliance into a fully integrated university that meets all its missions (education, research, and innovation at the European scale), that will give full importance to European citizens’ participation to identify and solve current and future challenges, while promoting EU values and fundamental rights.


The project has 6 specific tasks and each of them will be coordinated by one partner university.  

  • Long-term Research and Innovation agenda for tackling key global challenges

The development of a common research and innovation agenda, a networking platform for EDUC research teams, and reinforcement of research technical assistance services within the EDUC Alliance will be tackled in the framework of the task.

  • Research infrastructure

The aim is to reinforce the development and implementation of the EDUC research agenda by stocktaking of available research infrastructures and by facilitating their mutual opening. Thanks to that we create tools and conditions to maximize the openness of science in EDUC.

  • Citizen engagement

The objective will be to find effective ways to engage citizens in science and thereby raise public awareness of the role of science, research, and the public in policy-making.

  • Knowledge and technology transfer

It aims at strengthening the relations with the socio-economic stakeholders within the regions of the EDUC-SHARE members. It strives for a complex platform solution catering to the needs of modern higher education institutions with special attention to innovation and entrepreneurship.

  • HRS4R process

The project will engage all alliance members in a shared sustainable career development roadmap. University members will benefit from each institution's experience to improve their own human resource policies while expanding and enhancing their own development initiatives, strengthening their impacts, and broadening their scope.

  • Soft skill training offer

By setting up a program to raise awareness and develop soft skills, we will reinforce the notion of a "learning community", by making them a shared objective within universities between students, researchers, and administrative staff.


Both projects share similar concepts and methodologies so they will develop all synergies possible. They will benefit from the experience of new actors who will reinforce the internal and external dissemination of EDUC to reach the ambitious objective of making EDUC a model for a European University of the future.